Isolate + Reflect

“Sometimes the worst thing that happens to you, the thing you think you can’t survive… It’s the thing that makes you better than you used to be.”                                - Jennifer Weiner, Fly Away Home

Isolate + Reflect is an internal reflection of my journey post-divorce on the path to rediscover myself. The work examines the darkness and emptiness left behind from a toxic relationship. I revisit the places we used to frequent as a family in hopes of trying to find myself or something familiar there. As a divorcee noob, without form or character, I found myself having trouble navigating this new lifestyle of being a single parent. This was my existential crisis. Slowly, I began to find the life and color of who I really was. This never ending process of falling apart and becoming whole again plays out constantly in my life. I would rise only so far as to burn like a Phoenix and have to be reborn from my ashes. Most of these burn-like instances involved medical issues I had to overcome. Wondering if this is somehow my own internal self-sabotage, I began making this body of work out of a need to remove myself from the environment, literally, and take a look at how important what is that remains.

These prints are made with cyanotype and van dyke brown light sensitive emulsions that have been exposed with a CO2 laser. The prints have been hand-colored with watercolored paint and pencils. The are made on Hahnemuhle 300gsm Platinum Rag paper. Each one is unique and one-of-a-kind.

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