Jan. 1 - March 31 - Genesis. Dab Art Gallery, Ventura, CA.

April 7 & 8 - Brewery Art Walk. Find Immordino next to the Jesus Wall at 600 Multon Ave #205, Los Angeles, CA. 

April 26-28 - Startup Art Fair San Francisco. Find Immordino in room 224 at Hotel del Sol. Hotel del Sol is located at 3100 Webster St, San Francisco, CA. 

May 8-25 - Women Photographers Today, an exhibition for the 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, will be held at Valid Foto. Valid Foto is located at Carrer de Buenaventura Muñoz, 6, 08018 Barcelona, Spain.

June 13-16 - Art Basel Switzerland. Ping Pong. Basel, Switzerland. More info coming soon.

December 5-8 - Art basel Miami. Ping Pong. Miami, FL.

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